Honors Housing

Toledo, OH

This 400-bed dormitory houses students at the University of Toledo in an environment conducive to study. The campus is characterized by a small number of fine academic Gothic buildings whose principal quality is the recurring use of buff-colored native limestone. As with many college campuses, the post war years brought a tangle of different architectural styles, with resulting diminution in visual coherence. This dormitory was seen as a way to begin restoring the institution’s architectural identity.


1993 AIA Connecticut Design Award

1993 AIA Ohio Merit Award

1993 Ohio Brick Institute Design Award

A project of Centerbrook Architects and Planners

Chad Floyd, FAIA, Architect

Nick Deaver, AIA, Project Manager


Jeff Goldberg/Esto ©

The dormitory is given steep roofs and Neo-Gothic proportions in order that it seem connected to the old structures, but its special use of anodized aluminum makes it stand out. The sharply carved details change in light and shadow reminiscent of the high relief stone profiles of the traditional collegiate Gothic buildings.