Austin, TX

The mixture of “His” taste for modern architecture, good food, and fine wine and “her” taste for art, tradition, and classic design provided the key ingredient for the renovation of a dark, disorganized and poorly renovated two story house. The result is a tower of light that draws you into new places and experiences and simultaneously illuminates rich traditional materials and style.

Design Team

Nick Deaver AIA, Ernesto Peralez


Wilmington-Gordon Inc.


Casey Dunn, Jessica Deaver (2,9)

This central light tower fills the entire two stories with natural light by day and artificial light by night. It connects rooms to each other and the outdoors and creates surprising additions to hallways and bathrooms. It brightens the marble and satin metal clad eat–in kitchen that inspires “his” new food creations and warms the painted pine board dining room that displays “her” elegant glass sculpted chandeliers. Other redesigned rooms wrap around this source of light and feature art, classical wood trim and paneling and culminate in a cascading stair and steel handrail that softly lands at the home’s welcoming entry.