Austin, Texas

A couple working in Internet technology wanted to build a modest home on a winding street in Tarrytown that would reflect their love of the outdoors and their common interest in the arts. They were looking for a modern architecture as a platform to launch their imagination and creative pursuits.


2015 AIA Austin Homes Tour

Design Team

Nick Deaver AIA, Ernesto Peralez, Jen Kaplan


Andrea Calo

The 2400 sf low horizontal twin gabled structure is set among tall shade trees. The overhangs, low-pitched roofs and porches are responses to the central Texas climate. Private spaces are carved out of the two solid stucco ends while public areas float over the landscape in a glassy middle. Thin mullion-less glass allow those inside to remain immersed in the landscape and tuned to nature’s effect. Rooftop light monitors and folded ceilings reveal the high tree canopy and illuminate the interior. The larger dormer brings in diffused light while the smaller dormer faces the sun creating changing shafts of light. A limited material pallet of smooth white stucco, unfinished stucco, smooth white gypsum, flat vertical grain cypress and standing seam metal roof were used to create simple forms with tranquil spaces inside and out.